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Green tea leaves are an incredibly versatile ingredient — they have a bright perfumed flavor with some fruity undertones, so they're excellent in desserts (try them in shortbread cookies or smoothies).Or, for a more savory option, add them to chicken soup for a deep herbaceous flavor.Bitter melon kind of looks like a small, bumpy cucumber.It starts out pretty bitter and gets even more bitter as it ripens.Lotus root has a creamy, starchy texture, so it would be great thinly sliced and fried (like a potato chip), or blend it into a smooth puree (like mashed potatoes).Usually stored in brine, pickled pig lips have mainly a salty, vinegary flavor.Try adding a small amount to a sauce to add thickness and depth of flavor, or mix it with mayo and spread on a sandwich.Rocky mountain oysters aren't actually oysters at all — they're bull, pig or sheep testicles.

Many of us do not figure out exactly how strong we are until we're in a situation that leaves us with no other choice but to be strong.

Like other mollusks, geoducks have a delicate, clean, slightly salty flavor (like the ocean).

Try slicing the geoduck very thinly — since it can be chewy — and make a ceviche out of it, or add the meat to a creamy chowder.

While they're fine to eat as is, cold-smoked kippers are essentially raw, so try pan-frying to heat the fish through and to add crispy texture.

Or try grilling the kippers to deepen the smoke flavor and to add nice char.

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