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A stage play based on the series titled Live Act Ao no Exorcist ~Mashin no Rakuin~ ran for nine performances at the Nippon Seinenkan hall in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward from May 11 to 17 during 2012.

Satoshi Owada directed and wrote scripts for the play.

Kazue Kato took inspiration from the 2005 film The Brothers Grimm, as she tried to work the angle of brothers fighting against monsters into a story.

She eventually decided on making the story about demons and exorcists, thus conceiving Blue Exorcist.

The series began broadcasting in the United States and Canada on Viz Media's online network, Neon Alley, on October 2, 2012.

Koichi Hatsumi directed the sequel, while Toshiya Ōno wrote the scripts, Keigo Sasaki designed the characters, and Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto composed the series' soundtrack. The plot of the anime contains anime-exclusive story arcs since the anime and the manga diverge significantly starting with episode 18 of the first anime season.

Thus begins Rin's journey to become an Exorcist, accompanied by his brother and his fellow students who quickly become his close friends.Despite all their efforts to make the party a secret, Kamiki ends up figuring the truth out and claims that it should also be dedicated to those whose birthday already passed too.In the end, the party becomes a celebration to everyone's friendship, but their happiness is cut short when Yukio comes with news that the monastery where he and Rin were raised was attacked.The series has been well received by readers with sales having received a boost thanks to the anime's release.Publications for manga and anime compared the series with other shonen manga but still praised the series' story and artwork. Originally, a journey between the worlds, or even a contact between them, is impossible.

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