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Howard corrected him; they did not find him a wife, they made him a wife. Very early in the morning Leonard answers a banging on their door and it’s a drunken Penny.

She claims that Leonard had ruined her because she would have never have known that Zack was so stupid. Therefore, the two of them are going to have sex which Leonard is fine with.

(Neener-neener.) Amy Farrah Fowler shows up because she agreed to date once a year just to keep her mother off her back.

The gang meets Penny's dim-witted new guy Zack while performing a laser experiment on the apartment building roof.

Raj also hid the dirty sock that freaked Sheldon out on the roof somewhere in the apartment and refuses to take it out unless Sheldon meets Amy Farrah Fowler. Leonard comes back to the apartment drunk and goes to Penny's.

He tells her that he was a perfectly happy geeky, lonely little guy, and you ruined it for me!

Leonard wonders why Penny left without saying good-bye.

Sheldon replies that Penny went back to her apartment to shower and vomit.

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