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There is no requirement that they repay their country by returning to work in the remote South Atlantic—indeed, they actively encourage their young people to work abroad, says Jan Cheek, a member of the Falkland Islands legislative assembly.

All the prospective clients have to do is browse through the categories by location, age, body type, hair colour, physical characteristics, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

In the immediate future, the Falkland Islanders can take small comfort in the fact that their right to self-determination has been settled.

For both Prime Minister David Cameron and Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner—who faces mid-term congressional elections in October—the diplomatic dispute serves as a useful distraction from their own domestic troubles.

“This poor creature used to end up belonging to one side or the other, but was likely to be battered to death in the process.” Outnumbered by sheep, the islands’ population comprises descendants of settlers and immigrants–from Britain mainly, but also a mix of South Americans and itinerant workers from as far as Russia.

In the latest census conducted in 2012, 59% of residents identified themselves as Falkland Islanders and 29% as British, though 70% are descended from British Isles.

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