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w/o Jan 20, 1950 in crash 3 mi NW of Limestone, Maine 92042 (MSN 11799) delivered May 19, 1943.

To Ecuadorian AF as FAE 90266, sold to civil registry as HC-AVC (Ecuador civil), first HK-3349X, then HK-3349. With 61st TCG, 14th TCS, crashed into C-47A 42-23642 and 42-24379 during takeoff at Sciaca, Italy Dec 19, 1943.

42-91974 Air Glider TG-3A 42-91975/92023 Air Glider TG-3A-AG Contract cancelled.

42-92024/92091 Douglas C-47A-DK Skytrain MSNs beginning with 11779 ranging to 11853, with MSNs ending with 8 skipped.

To PI-C42 Commercial Airlines Inc, Philippine Airlines Sep 1948.

92026 (MSN 11781) to USAAF Apr43; Flight Test Branch, Materiel Command, Wright Field, OH; Used for performance testing; Consolidated Aircraft, Fort Worth, TX; Accident landing with mechanical failure at Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, TX 29Aug49; 81st Fighter-Bomber Wing, Bentwaters, England (1954); Spanish Air Force / Ejrcito del Aire 21May56 as serial T3-4, code 461-1, later 461-04; WFU 92027 (MSN 11782) delivered Apr 9, 1943. Condemned Aug 29, 1946, salvage 92028 (MSN 11783) delivered Apr 10, 1943.

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