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A large number of Kuqi are still Albanian for example the people in Fundina, Koje e Kucit, Kosovo etc 23andme: 98.5% Balkan, 0.7% Italian and 0.8% Broadly Southern European https:// My Origins 2.0: 100% Southeast Europe Geneplaza K25: 100% Greek-Albanian Eurogenes K36 oracle: 50.64% Albania_North 49.36% Kosovo.Population distance: 1) 1.27 Northern Albania&Kosovo You are 100% correct, they were ordered to convert or die but yh the Muslims were a minority.These tactics exacerbated existing ethnic tensions between Croats and Serbs.The terror tactics used by the Chetniks against the Croats were, to at least an extent, a reaction to the terror carried out by the Ustaše, but Croats and Bosniaks living in areas intended to be part of Greater Serbia were to be cleansed of non-Serbs regardless, in accordance with Mihailović's directive of 20 December 1941.He was super nationalistic when compared to religious as even though he was catholic he still ended up threatening the pope at one point by saying that he should be fighting the papacy and not the Ottomans when the pope had refused to aid him which just shows that his “religion” was mainly political imo but obviously he was religious to an extent too Most Kosovars don't care about Skanderbeg, they fought their own war.Its a character that is more associated with North Albania/Malsia going by my interactions with Albanians from Drenica Whats more confusing is the way some people here act as if the Albanian identity revolves solely around this character when in fact it doesn't, he lived in a different time, totally different from today but they think that because they worship this person so much that this makes them real Albanians more than anyone else that doesn't.Supposedly their paternal ancestor came from plains of Kossovo, but theres so much saying about this family and this part of history from various sources that one does not know what to believe All glory to them, but this is a different era and the tribal identity lives on.Not gonna be worried about which Abrahamic sect to follow, leave it to you insecure ones.

This why scotland and lezginia are called Albania in latin. Many claim origin from an Albanian paternal ancestor, such clans which do so are the Bjelopavlici(Palbardhi), Vasojevici, Piperi etc.

This was about interests and personal grievances, religion was secondary. And there were many that switched between Christianity and Islam. ""–74Most Kosovars don't care about Skanderbeg, they fought their own war.

It got minimized to some extent thanks to our neighbors policies towards us but this is all OK to these Albanian Skanderbeg Christian Internet Warriors Most people were not that nationalistic before but mostly tribal, there were even minor religious conflicts among Albanians The Kastrioti are said to of come from Kastrati tribe which come from Kuqi?

If anyone in this whole story was TRULY, REALLY, PURELY religious, they wouldn't have done much of what they did during those times. critics of the coup included then-Senator Lee Metcalf, who criticised the Johnson Administration for providing aid to a "military regime of collaborators and Nazi sympathisers." Phillips Talbot, the U. ambassador in Athens, disapproved of the coup, complaining that it represented "a rape of democracy", to which John M Maury, the CIA station chief in Athens, answered, "How can you rape a whore?

These were conflicts of interests and personal grievances, not romanticized Jaysus stories.

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