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But the combination of bowed text, the maroon circle in the center, and the rounded puff of flowers in the background will make it hard for anyone to resist. We expect words to be in straight rows because that’s what we know from books and other printed materials. It challenges norms, shakes things up—it’s downright revolutionary!

Why is the curveball so effective at striking out batters? The Wave of Love template uses curved text to create a unique wedding invitation that defies convention.

Perspex footwear has been a huge trend this season and Manolo Blahnik were one of the first brands to pioneer the look.

Eva is clearly a big fan and she's in good company - we spotted Chrissy Teigen in them just the other day!

Eva's golden summer tan was off-set perfectly by honey-tones in her wavy tresses, which she offset with expertly-applied make-up to highlight her stunning features.

The star - who married media mogul Jose Baston in May 2016 - popped into Sirius XM radio for a chat.

The inspiring mountains in the background are tinted a warm, orangish brown and make you want to leap in and begin your trek immediately. Think about it: You don’t hug with your arms straight, you do it with rounded arms.The names of the bride and groom make a pleasing wave that shoots out from the circle in the middle and frames the burst of flowers.The details of the event are placed in various corners of the design rather than in a single spot. This is going to be a free-flowing, fun, fabulous wedding!She cut her European summer vacation short to return to New York and debut her new clothing line at Fashion Week.But Eva Longoria was still glowing as she stepped out in Washington Square Park in Manhattan on Friday, sporting a classically chic ensemble.

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