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The squiggles used for 4 to 9, however, are clear ancestors of the numbers we use today.

Trevor Tank: Take in the wonderful sights of Trevor tank which is used to breed crocodiles.

Indians used it long before the West did," said Du Sautoy."When the West had Roman numerals there was no zero and that is why they were so clumsy.

His earlier book Time: Towards a Consistent Theory (Kluwer Academic, 1994) set out a new physics with a tilt in the arrow of time.

It requires: To understand why word numerals persisted in India, even after the Indian numerals became widespread, it is necessary to recognize the importance of the oral mode of preserving and disseminating knowledge.

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The Hindus had symbols for each number from one to nine.

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It is important to note, however, that some of these events do not occur in the Tipitaka and are thus purely commentarial.In 'about' area you can provide information about yourself.We do not descriminate on the basis of nationality, gender, caste or creed.The silent silhouette of the Mountain is a projection of the sacred.Reality is lost in the mists of the Mountain showing realms of dreams from beyond and beyond.

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