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The world continues to get smaller and smaller, and people tend to be familiar with “strangers” more so than in the past.

You may be proud of your ability to go out and pick up girls on the weekends, but if this is the brand you’ve created for yourself, when you finally find a woman who piques your interest, you’ll be dead in the water if she knows of your shenanigans.

And, the alternative is willingly keeping yourself in the friend zone by never making your intentions known.

Relationships are a lot like the lottery – you might have to lose a lot before you finally win, but you’ll never win if you don’t play. Times are tough these days and not everyone has their life figured out, myself included.

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They want so badly to be in a relationship that they’re willing to say anything that agrees with her opinion in order to avoid conflict. A man who has his own identity, and is willing to stand by his values and beliefs.Needless to say – none of this is attractive to someone who is looking to build a solid foundation for a relationship.____________________________________________ The women of our generation do not a man, and any modern man should be able to realize that. Standards are being raised, and therefore what we demand from ourselves must as well.While everyone has their own style preferences, there is a clean and well-put together way to pull off any of them.Try not to look like you’ve rolled out of bed for an early college class if you’re pushing 30.

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    You will be fine even if he isn't interested in you.

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    I became a professional dating coach and helped people get into (largely surface level) relationships.

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    To put it simply, I have a very love/hate relationship with alcohol — I love it, it hates me.