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I am very sad to be leaving and honestly believe no school could have given me the education, friendships, ambition and opputunities GHS has.I feel GHS has made me down to earth and I have not lived in so much of a bubble as at other private schools, I know values and morals, I know in life you have to work hard to be able to play hard and to always strive for my best.If you love your family don't send your girls here.Date visited: 2011I have just left GHS having been there from the Junior School.Each year a few year 11s leave mostly because of their dislike for the head, when we were in Year 11 she began introducing petty rules about what kind of bag we could have and other things which made a lot of girls want to move for more freedom at sixth form colleges.Once in sixth form, the freedom needed is certainly there.The review below gives a very narrow view of GHS, and a very small minority feel that way.

The negative energy omitted by my daughter daily was noticeable which was why we took the wise decision to let her move on to a new school at the end of Year 11 - the best decision made in years. Many parents at the school gates moan incessantly about the school but are too scared to speak up in case they face the same attitude, with the name Guildford High appearing on a CV being of higher importance than happy girls and supported and accepted families. Academic results is no substitute for a happy childhood, love, support or individuality and self esteem. Their attitude towards parents is below poor and the pressure on the girls is unhealthy.A lot of her classmates also moved and she tells me they are all much happier in their new environment.I am not going to be sending my other daughters to this school with such a pushy environment and will instead enter them into another local school with a more relaxed way of life.

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