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The comics reference the novels; for example, Shand consulted with Ruditis about the character Tyler Michaels in Charmed: Season 10.While Michaels had first appeared in the season four episode "Lost and Bound", Ruditis had also portrayed Tyler in the novel The Brewing Storm (2004), and Shand wanted to avoid inconsistencies or "retreading".However, she is soon confronted by his jealous ex-girlfriend Wendy.When Phoebe works with Brett on a group assignment, she receives threatening notes and believes something supernatural is behind the messages.Scholarly essay collections on the show were also published.

Writers Paul Ruditis and Pat Shand have discussed these regulations, primarily through their official Tumblr accounts.A demon kidnaps Phoebe and pulls her several centuries into the past.While there, Phoebe meets the two daughters of her ancestor Melinda Warren.In the present, Prue and Piper are devastated at their sister's disappearance; they believe she may have died.They begin to turn evil due to a demon's interference in the past.

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