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Many young women work out of agencies that interface between them and their dating site clients — which have reportedly included sites like and, two major international dating sites. [but] we continue to be concerned about this.” The Ashley Madison hack would only seem to prove that such concern is warranted: It’s pretty clear that fake profiles played a role in the site’s operation at one point, even if they don’t any longer.None of this has escaped the notice of the Federal Trade Commission, the U. agency responsible for protecting consumers against fraud. have also investigated dating sites for the same practice — but without solid results. — where the FTC’s Midwest director, Steven Baker, says industry executives have repeatedly approached him with “concerns about the use of fake profiles” at some sites — the practice remains more or less unchecked. Until mid-2014, the company openly ran a program called “Ashley’s Angels,” in which paid AM employees messaged visitors from sexy female profiles that weren’t conspicuously identified as fictional.Meanwhile, if you’re peddling run-of-the-mill, straight-laced dating, a la Match or e Harmony, you can just buy Facebook ads and run 10-second spots on TV.“Adult dating” and hook-up sites have a serious problem, though, Pitcher says: While they have no problem attracting interested guys, they absolutely bomb when it comes to women.I have been out of the dating game for about 9 years and this was a bit overwhelming.

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