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we can see the ramps for the disabled can get in and out of buildings. if somebody loses their job or has to leave their job they can get cobra insurance. so it is tangible and gave up the chairmanship of the judiciary committee, great grandstanding committee as we know to become head of the labor committee because he thought that he could actually do more good for working people there. then that after obama had won iowa and was a serious contender he had come out of nowhere. to the tradition of the democratic party and sort of gave obama that blessing and he also said that his brother had inspired a new generation to be interested in politics and that obama was doing the same thing. coming up a little later on "news4 at ," our coverage continues as we remember the life of ted kennedy here in our area. s i p tuteo y jthulutake a look tut mid part of the trere luhee ty. it happened in the 200 block of q street northwest about this afternoon. police have cordoned off a large area, several blocks with yellow police tape as they search for witnesses and evidence. police chief kathy linear and said that it is in the early stages of know, there were so many turning points in -- barack obama's journey to the white house across the street american university. we will take a look at his impact on the community at american university. at this point they are looking into all possibilities and including the possibility that the two people may have been fighting each oer. crews are replacing the bridge deck on the southbound 301 and drivers going east on route 214 will not able to get on to 301. construction crews will be allowed for two thru lanes on southbound 301 by using an existing lane and shoulder more than 50,000 vehicles crossed the bridge every day. we will tell you about a dump truck that lost two of its rear wheels.Furthermore, first date success was predicted by perceived similarity, expressed similarity, lower uncertainty, and greater information seeking.Importantly, all other factors being equal, greater communication overall, and greater disclosure, predicted first date success.moran says that on their way to the town meeting, he and howard dean discussed senator edward kennedy's commitment to health care reform.

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you know, he -- he was -- born to an advantaged life and spent his life on be half of the disadvantaged. it had been his top priority in which he endorsed president barack obama during the primaries and wanted obama to make it his first order of business when elected president. we spent five days floating in the colorado river and got to know him well during that time. senator kennedy's van is still here in front of the house. the impact around ocean city in spots like that heading out to the beaches will be for heavy surf once again.statehood said kennedy as recently last year reiterated his strong support for the determination. kennedy's colleagues and congress continue to grapple with what the late senator called the cause of his life.and lawmakers are saying today kennedy as absence from the current health care debate will be felt.Jessica Simpson leaving Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood (8/1) It’s been scientifically proven that only good things happen when chicks with huge tits drink too much. From Fox News: Romantic relations between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo appear to be absolutely done and dusted, but according to insiders, the surprise… Jessica Simpson in LA (7/28) Call me crazy, but maybe Jessica Simpson should have started this whole “I’ll show him — I’ll lose weight” crusade before she got dumped by Tony Romo. magazine:”Right after Tony ended things, Jessica said, ‘I want my old body back,'” a friend of the singer reveals in the… The only reason the couple got back together (I mean besides Jessica’s awesome rack) was because Joe promised to take a step back. Jessica Simpon and outside the Staples Center in LA (6/4) People is reporting that Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson last Thursday — one day before her birthday. She’s definitely can’t be labeled a “Hollywood skinny skank,” as Tony Romo puts it.Tony Romo out and about in West Hollywood (1/9) Us Weekly claims today that Tony Romo was carrying on an “emotional affair” with a piece-of-ass 22-year-old months before he dumped Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson wants Tony Romo back Jessica Simpson’s taking the high road in her split with Tony Romo . From the always-great Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun Times: Though Jessica Simpson’s folks continue to deny she’s expecting Tony Romo’s baby, the singer’s somewhat fuller figure…

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