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Jargon, abbreviations and slang used in live chat and instant messaging conversations can help reduce keystrokes, but may come across as being unprofessional to the person you are communicating with.Worse still, if the other person isn't familiar with the lingo, it may totally confuse.This is a personal peeve of mine where an IM window pops up and the other person immediately launches into their request or spiel.Always ask if the other person has time to chat first - regardless of how important you think what you have to say is, it's not going to be well received if the recipient is busy.

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While you may spend the majority of your life on a keyboard, I'm told there's many people who don't :).Not only may these people be slow to respond, but their responses may seem too brief, curt or bordering on what appears to be illiteracy!Try not to judge the person based on your initial conversations.Many Instant Messaging services limit the amount of text that can be sent in a single message and thankfully so :).There's nothing worse that receiving a 500 word IM message where the writer could have consolidated it into couple of dozen words.

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