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(What’s wrong with Simon — how can he not recognize the awesomeness of “I Drove All Night”?!

And I do mean the Cyndi Lauper version, of course.)I think Amanda Overmyer totally redeemed herself, after a very weak performance last week.

We will provide information and links to keep all you Ramiele Malubay fans up to date as we cheer Ramiele on her way to becoming the next American Idol, Please watch and vote often. It just depends what comes out DR: So what are your picks, your favorites? Kristy was once again saved and Amanda was sent home and out of the top 10 tour group.

Despite being called boring by Simon and Randy for her rendition of "In My Life" Ramiele avoided the bottom 3 thanks to all your votes.

Perhaps it was how she stood there and took the criticism and gave a nice sad face.

Since its been awhile since American Idol selected anybody from Hawaii we thought we would endorse Ramiele Malubay this year.

She is from Miramar, Florida but she does dance the Hula and considers our own Jasmine Trias as one of her idols. DR: What is it about each one of them that makes them stand out? Randy: Popularity and they also rule in Ramiele got some better comments from Randy "I wasn't jumping up and down, but I liked it" and Paula "Definitely better than last week" and a bizarre "It sounded like Chikeze was on harmonica" from Simon.

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