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3 There are various formulas for stamping inks made with oils, instead of with glycerol and water.They dry rapidly by being absorbed by the paper, but they can be used safely only with metal stamps, on account of the harmful effect of oils upon rubber.In cold weather, in heated buildings, the relative humidity of the air is low, and then the ink loses a large part of its water.It thus happens that impressions made with Q such a large quantity of the watery ink that it takes a long time to sink into paper, for there is little or no evaporation of water from it; in winter, because the relatively concentrated and viscous ink does not readily sink into paper.range within which the only marked effect of adding more alcohol is to increase the rate of drying by absorption.Beyond this range, with more and more alcohol, the impressions lose their sharpness, and may becomeblurred to illegibility. The five liquids made layers of depths slightly different from 1.1 mm. sample of any of the liquids is enough to show definite changes in weight, and in a layer about 1mm.

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If a drop of alcohol, of ethyl acetate, or of several similar organic liquids that might be used in ink, is put on the .paper, it is absorbed almost instantly, spreads, and shows as a wet spot on the opposite side of the paper.Anxious to hear more about all that and I have put a star by her name on the interview list. He intends to sit in on that interview, to determine if working with the mud-covered fairy also includes working with a one-legged duck. Thinking it might be fun and have already jotted down some story notes! Not telling Red, but I requested she bring the duck along to the interview when it is scheduled.And it just goes to demonstrate, Red and I never know who or what may show up at the door when we put out a Story Character Casting Call.Patented July 16, 1940 QUICK-DRYING STAMP-PAD INK Campbell E. 0., assignor to the Government of the United States of America, represented by the Secretary of Commerce and his successors in oflice No Drawing. Most of the inks intended for use With rubber stamps are solutions of dyes in a solvent that will not dry on the pad on which the stamp is inked. The present invention relates to quick-drying 5 stamp-pad inks and aims generally to improve the same.

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