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The jury may still be out on hookup culture—generational phenomenon or overblown media invention? The whole thing seems—for lack of a better word—icky. If young people don’t circumvent this social-anxiety through the Internet, they often turn to another widely-embraced and more time-honored option: alcohol.

— but good God, if Tinder doesn’t signal some sort of psychological shift in how young people treat sexuality, then I don’t know what does. So here I am, here we all are, single and looking to mingle, or maybe not, or maybe yes, or maybe we’re just not sure. In my experience, booze is the number one vehicle through which college-aged singles meet one other. But between the hangovers, my general anti-Internet stance on meeting women, and the getting laughed at in my face, I knew I needed a change.

~ I shared these concerns to a sympathetic friend, somewhat of a high school Casanova, who had similarly gotten lost in the world of college dating. “Dude, you should read Paul Janka.” Paul Janka is a self-described “master” of the “art” of pick-up and seduction.

He graduated Harvard with a physics degree and has since turned himself a medium-grade internet presence instructing men on how to meet women.

She graduated university and flew home to Toronto while I stayed at school in Vancouver to wallow briefly in misery.

Yet my unhappiness slowly yielded to optimism: I was single.

Introduce yourself, give her a compliment, get her number quickly, and say goodbye.

The rest, depending on your style, is pretty much up to you.

Some wonder if the whole thing is just a myth, a hot topic supported only by anecdotal evidence of the same type of casual sex that has always occurred on college campuses.Then, without a moment’s hesitation, I walked right past her—feet planted firmly three full-length steps to her right. Deflated, I hopped on the bus and took a seat near the back. A voice whose owner I couldn’t see came from the seat behind Pocahontas.She boarded the front door, and as she strode towards me, I got the full force of her beauty: tall, long brown hair, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped eyes. It was a woman’s voice, judging by the tone and timbre, older.That means roughly eight of my 23 years have been spent in relationships.I never meant for this to happen, but apparently it’s who I am. Not like the archetypical eager-to-please ‘nice guy,’ but someone who embraces kindness as an identity. It turns out I’m not the only one who is confused—my whole generation is collectively puzzled.

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