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Olsen's attorney, Jeremy Delicino, said in court that Olsen saw another person strike Davis twice in the head with a softball-size rock, then helped that person move her body.That other individual was never identified in court Friday.In an FBI interview, Olsen started writing a statement implicating Leifson but then crumpled it up and threw it away.On another occasion, Leifson threatened to kill Olsen if he kept mentioning him in connection with Kiplyn's disappearance.Of the five men indicted on perjury charges in the case, prosecutors believe Leifson was probably the closest to Kiplyn.

The Panorama reporter, John Sweeney, reported that he met with Davis early on and could not reach agreement with him on whether individuals attacking Scientology should be interviewed for the film, and whether the program should refer to Scientology as a "cult".

Davis made allegations against Panorama and the BBC that they were "spying" on the church of Scientology and harassed the reporter, John Sweeney by stalking him to various meetings with critics but he never filed a report against Sweeney.

While Sweeney was visiting the Scientology exhibition "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death", Davis accused him of being biased and of having been too easy on one of his interviewees.

At that time, it was apparent she was dead, the defense attorney said.

Even though the person who allegedly struck and killed Kiplyn wasn't identified, Kiplyn's father said he believes he knows who it was.

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