Who is calvin johnson dating

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Detroit Lions WR Calvin 'Megatron' Johnson asked Lions Promotion Manager Brittney Mc Norton to marry him while they were in Baltimore for the Ed Block Courage Awards.

Not so much in Detroit, but in cities like Atlanta or Miami — any city with an NFL team.

Thus far I’ve worked with high school kids trying to earn college scholarships, college guys preparing for the draft — I’ve even been called in to help some of my former colleagues with NFL teams. Building this business and still working with kids through my foundation has been a tremendous help in my transition into retirement. I have a great friendship with him and many of my former teammates. I always knew football was a temporary thing — not just for me, but for anyone who plays the game.

It’s kept me busy and focused on what I ultimately want to achieve. It’s still a huge part of my life, even though I’m not playing on Sundays. I love to see those guys out there in leadership positions, getting work done. My body feels better than it has in years, and now I get to dedicate my time to being a family man.

Because of that show, I did things I never thought I would, and I met people I never thought I’d meet. Lindsay, my partner, was a fantastic coach and friend. In a way, it gave me confidence when facing the uncertainty of retirement. But it became difficult to love the game as much when I was in some sort of pain every day. With the beating you take on the field, nine years literally feels like forever.

Being able to compete on that stage and actually perform well enough to finish in third place really reinforced my core belief that if you put your mind and heart into something and work at it, then you can do it.. I never talked about it while I was playing because … They should have a system to measure a football player’s age — like dog years or something — because nine years in the league doesn’t equal nine years in real time. There were days when I was elated because I was breaking records and making my family, friends and fans proud. even that pride couldn’t outweigh the pain I felt while shuffling my feet across the floor because I couldn’t bend my ankles.

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