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“I lost my job, reputation, pension, house, law license, and liberty.” His lawyer, Thomas Burke, said Williams would be “virtually penniless” by the time he was released from prison. He upbraided the ex-prosecutor for not delivering the speech himself, saying Williams’ apologies lacked credibility and sounded like reworked campaign speeches.

“Almost from the time you took office, you sold yourself to the parasites you surrounded yourself with,” Diamond said.

Since his guilty plea, Williams has been confined to an 8-by-10 cell in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center’s Special Housing Unit, a safety precaution because of his role as a former law enforcement official.

There he has spent 23 hours a day, only allowed outside for an hour of exercise.

If the ethics fines, the personal scandals, the bribery trial, and his abrupt resignation in disgrace this summer were not enough, the public dressing down that Seth Williams received from the federal judge who sentenced him Tuesday to five years in prison surely cemented 2017 as the worst year of the former Philadelphia district attorney’s life. And when it came to Williams’ request Tuesday to be temporarily released from custody before the start of his prison term to see his dying mother one last time, Diamond simply scoffed.

“The English language doesn’t have the words to capture the outrageousness of that request,” the judge said, eliciting gasps from the courtroom gallery.

With Jabari Parker expected to be sidelined until probably February, the Bucks are in need of an explosive scorer to complement Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton.

The ,000 question is: What are the Bucks willing to surrender as compensation for Bledsoe?

“Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents take this very seriously. District Attorney Seth Williams was sentenced Tuesday in his federal bribery and corruption case. Diamond held little back as he lit into the city’s fallen top prosecutor, giving him the harshest punishment allowable by law, and calling him a “criminal” who “fed his face at the trough” of public money.In this June 14 file photo, Williams arrives for a pretrial hearing at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia. Williams humiliated his employees, the judge continued, and dumped his own mother “like a sack of potatoes” by stealing money set aside to cover her nursing home care to project a “high-roller” image to the “parasites [with whom he] surrounded” himself.But never has the timing been more impeccable for the Bucks to acquire the talented combo guard than now, especially since the Suns and Bledsoe have made it abundantly clear they want to terminate their relationship.The Bucks, like a slew of other teams, are enamored with Bledsoe’s scoring capabilities.

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