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I'm here to find women who is funny smart nice and like spend time with good company , walking on the beach go for a meal or drink , women who will laugh with me to the moon and stars , women who will keep me warm at day..

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There have been numerous other publications on the subject.The present community centre was built in 1970, under the direction of Albert Hamway and Vicot Moche, who came from Syria and Iran respectively, after the community raised funds and purchased the land from Rahmo Sassoon.The land was sold far below market value so that Rahmo Sassoon could further contribute to the community.Many of whom found refuge in Kobe, and he saved as many as 10,000 Jewish lives.The Jews in Kobe meanwhile found themselves unable to travel or conduct business during the war, but were treated well by local authorities.

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    Mher is an Armenian singer/songwriter and the co-founder of “Lav Eli”, alternative folk-rock band from Vanadzor. Tolkien, Michael Ende, Karen Swassjan), and a PR/communications expert.

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